68-year-old killed by hippo

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Lloyd Ndemo

A 68-year-old man was killed by a hippopotamus while fishing along Runde River in south-eastern Zimbabwe on Saturday.

Parks and Wildlife Management Authority of Zimbabwe spokesperson Tinashe Farawo said on Monday: “It is with great sadness that a 68-year-old man was killed by a hippo whilst fishing in Mabasa along Runde River on 13 February 2021.  “Zimparks rangers on the ground are attending to the problem hippos.”

Farawo also said: “It’s very unfortunate that another life has been lost in these circumstances. We have been encouraging communities, especially during this time of the year, to stay away from water bodies.                              

“They must approach every water body with caution because after these heavy rains that the country has been receiving over the last two months, most of these animals, especially crocodiles, are swept away and we all know that their habitat is water.”

Last week, a four-year-old girl was mauled to death by a crocodile in Kariba while crossing a stream with her sister.                                      

A woman was also trampled to death by an elephant in the same resort town.

Over the past five years, 500 people have died.