“More Soul Jah Love music to come”

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ZTN Reporter

Zimdancehall icon Soul Jah Love did not believe in writing songs and always believed that a good song will follow him the moment he walks out of the studio.

Thanks to that unorthodox approach the late Liberation Hero will continue to release new songs even from the grave amid revelations that he left “dozens of unreleased songs.”

 “He was a genius, he would just tell the producer to play the riddim (backtrack) and he would start unleashing lyrics upon it. There were no written lyrics, no second takes. That approach gave birth to hundreds of songs.

“Jah Love would leave the studio the moment he finished recording and say “kana song yakapenga inokutevera”,” disclosed Jah Love’s long time side kick Super Yut in an interview with Zimpapers Television Network.

Apparently one song that has followed Soul Jah Love out of the studio and to the grave is one hitherto unheard record he put together at Sunshine Studios.

In the song titled Ndichafa Rini (When Will I die?), the late dancehall chanter begs God to show him the day he will die and laments how life has become miserable.

 “Dai vaikwanisa vandipisa. (If they had their own way they would burn me),” flowed Jah Love in the song whose YouTube views are rocketing with each passing minute.

And more songs will come after Ndichafa Rini.

“Recording a song was as easy as eating Sadza for Makuruwani. There is so much stuff that is yet to be released and his fans should look forward to more bangers.

“Apart from the unreleased music we are determined to keep his legacy going by keeping the band intact. We have to continue making music, it won’t be the same because Jah Love is not here anymore but I believe he taught me and the whole band well,” said Super Yut whose real name is Tawanda Madora.