Harare Loses Illegal Tuckshops Battle

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Patience Nhamburo

Harare City Council has failed to remove illegal tuck-shops in one of its oldest townships, Mbare, more than a month after giving tuck-shop owners an ultimatum to remove their structures.

The ultimatum expired on 18 February, but the structures are still there. Council spokesperson Michael Chideme however says council did not move in to destroy the structures, as the vendors and tuck-shop owners were voluntarily removing the erections. But the picture on the ground indicates otherwise.

“We did not see any need to go with bulldozers to demolish illegal structures in Mbare because after setting out the warning, vendors started removing their structure by themselves.

“We are however still keeping an eye on the community to make sure they keep on following our instruction,” he said.

A visit to Mbare by our team painted a different picture as more illegal structures have been set up, some blocking roads for motorists.

Some of the vendors and tuck-shop owners vowed not to remove their structures. Others even claimed they were paying levies to council to be able to operate their business.