Kadewere An Affordable Option For Europe’s Elites

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… But will player’s ‘realistic’ handlers gamble with his future?

Mugove Chigada

TINO Kadewere may have shown great talent so far at Lyon, but that may not have convinced his handlers that he is ready to join European aristocrats in the coming transfer window.

This week one of the influential forces in the Lyon star’s life could not be drawn into discussing his likely next move, but that won’t stop speculation surrounding the player’s future.


Reality is that when big guns like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea finally fail the Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe dreams, they may look down the ladder.  

Haaland’s asking price of around US$100 million could push suitors out at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has affected club finances. And Mbappe is no exception.

And that is why Kadewere, valued at around US$16 million according to transmarkt.com, but valued a bit higher by his club, could be the easy way out among other options.

That he is likely to reach 20 goal contributions this season, is also reason to believe.

The big guns will however have to show the player is not just another back-up if they are entertaining any chances of pricing him away from Groupama, given his handlers have in the past stayed true to the player’s future than financial gains.

Kadewere, who has a French agent, also consults Brother Prosper who is like a father to him.

“It can only be Lyon who can talk about the future of the player,” Prosper, known as Boss Pulo, told ZTN.

He was speaking on the sidelines of Kadewere Foundation donation to Harare City Council frontline workers on Wednesday.

Prosper admitted he discusses such issues (transfers) with the agent and player when they arise and when the club notifies them.

“I often talk to Tino about his movements, especially the current ones. But the first person to know is his French manager. He is the one that notifies me and I then talk to Tino.

“But we don’t want to give him (Tino) pressure. We just give him a hint so that he knows what will be going on.” Prosper said.

With the way Tino has played so far, getting the attention of the whole French Ligue 1 and that of top managers across Europe, his handlers could find themselves giving him some briefs this coming transfer window.

But the biggest question is, will they sanction a move that could take the striker to a top European club without guarantee he will play? And even if he plays, is he ready to make an impact at that level or it could be a dead end?