‘No rotational school attendance for exam classes’

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Takudzwa Chihambakwe

Pupils who are writing final year examinations in Zimbabwe this year, will attend class for five days a week, to afford them adequate preparation time.

This was revealed by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s Director of Communication, Taungana Ndoro, who clarified that only non-examination classes will be subjected to rotational school attendance.

Cabinet yesterday announced that schools will open this month, starting with examination classes on the 15th and the rest on the 22nd.

“We have planned not to have a rotational timetable for our examination classes. These are our Grade Sevens, Form Fours as well as Advanced Level students. They will continue with their calendar of learning as normal,” said Ndoro.

But teachers say they must be tested first before schools open.

“Since they have already announced, perhaps they should expedite the testing process and make sure teachers have the confidence to be vaccinated. It would have been prudent to vaccinate teachers first and then talk about dates to reopen schools,” shared Zimbabwe Teachers Association acting national Secretary General, Goodwill Taderera.

Meanwhile, parents who have endured the burden of homeschooling, are eager to see their children back in class.

Secretary-General of Zimbabwe Schools Development Associations and Committees, Everisto Jongwe, said there is ample time for parents to prepare and send children back to school.

“Some stakeholders, parents included, are saying that the dates announced for reopening of schools do not give them ample time to prepare but I think there is enough time as we were always anticipating this day,” highlighted Jongwe.