Teenager escapes from police custody, steals pistols

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Lloyd Ndemo

A 15-year-old boy in Zimbabwe escaped from police custody, broke into an armoury and stole two pistols.

The teenager had been arrested in Gweru for alleged unlawful entry and theft, and was being held at a police station in the city. He allegedly sneaked out of a holding room and broke into the armoury through the ceiling before making off with two pistols and three cellphones belonging to officers at the station. Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZTN: “Yes, we are investigating that case and will avail more details (on Wednesday).”

A police source said, “On Monday, Constable Gwatirera intended to hand over duties to the morning shift officers and discovered that (the teenager) was missing. He advised the duty commander and a search was launched.” Another added: “During the search, Constable Gwatirera noticed that his cellphone, which was on a charger in the records office, was missing.”

The 15-year-old allegedly went to a house in Kopje where he pointed a pistol at Gugulethu Mpofu. Mpofu persuaded him to hand over the firearm to police and the two went to Gweru Central Police Station.

“Upon arrival at Gweru Central, police recovered the pistols and three cellphones. The teenager was subsequently arrested.”