Upsurge in robbery cases worries police

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Lloyd Ndemo

Police in Zimbabwe have called on members of the public to assist them in fighting crime, following increasing cases of armed robberies across the country.

The call came a day after a 63 year old man from Hwedza, under Chief Neshangwe, Sadza, Shadreck Mbiru, was attacked by three armed men at his homestead and got robbed of property worth US$7960.

Mashonaland East police spokesperson, Inspector Tendai Mwanza told ZTN that three suspects ransacked the complainant’s bedroom and took US$70, RTGS$70 from the headboard, various clothes, shoes, two cell phones, car keys, registration book of a Ford Ranger vehicle and keys for the whole house.

“They allegedly put the loot in a bag which they later loaded onto the Ford Ranger vehicle parked outside before locking the house from outside.”

Inspector Mwanza said the armed men proceeded to the spare bedroom where they broke a locked door to gain entry and stole two heavy duty solar panel batteries, a 42 inch black Plasma television set and a Mega radio, leaving the main door wide open.

He added that the accused persons stole a Ford Ranger double cab motor vehicle, registration number AEX-8499 and drove away.”

According to police sources the accused persons manhandled the complainant and his wife, tied their legs and hands with a string and a scarf which they took from the bedroom. One of the accused persons reportedly took a blanket from the bed and covered them. The accused persons later on demanded cash and threatened to assault the complainant.

Inspector Mwanza encouraged members of the public to compliment police efforts in curbing crime.

“The increase of robbery cases is a cause for concern. There is need for the community to join handswith police through our various community policing initiatives such as Neighbourhood Watch Committees which are broadly pro-active in nature. This will significantly reduce crimes because our neighbourhoods can be guaranteed of tight security day and night,” he said.