‘We will not bury a stranger’s skull’

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Lloyd Ndemo

The seven-year-old Zimbabwean boy who was murdered last year for suspected rituals could be buried without his skull. Tapiwa Makore’s family is rejecting DNA results which matched his torso to a jaw, tooth and limb recently discovered by investigators.

The family wants further tests.

Tapiwa’s aunt and family spokesperson Beaula Musupayi said the boy’s remains will be buried on the March 27.
“We met as a family together with Chief Mangwende and agreed to proceed with the burial of our son’s remains on the 27th of March. We will not bury the head because we believe it does not belong to our son.”

Regarding why the family is disputing the DNA results, Musupayi said: “Our son was murdered on a Friday and the head was found on Sunday. That is a difference of three days and we saw the head; it was just a skull with no bloodstains not even the hair. “Honestly, how do you reconcile such a scenario: that a person’s head can go beyond decomposing state in a space of three days?”

Tapiwa’s murder drew public ire as gory details of his darkest hour emerged.

Investigators say an 11-year-old boy from Nyamutumbu Village was paid US$5 to lure Tapiwa from his parents’ garden to his uncle’s homestead.

The uncle, Tapiwa Makore (Snr), was fingered as the mastermind.