December 10, 2019

Tanya speaks on climate change

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ZTN Sports Reporter

MOTOCROSS star Tanya Muzinda is standing her ground on climate change, calling on world leaders to act now.

The celebrated Zimbabwean motocross rider’s comments come at a time when there is the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference, COP 25 in Madrid, Spain.

Activists have however been left frustrated by the lack of will by some other leaders to be more ambitious in tackling the global challenge and taking the next crucial steps in the process as agreed at COP24.

“I urge our leaders to respect children who are striking across the world. One year not going to school should be enough for them to wake up and Act Now,” Muzinda posted on her Facebook page.

“The earth is experiencing sweltering heat. Temperatures have been recorded the highest this time around.

“I am raising my hands not to surrender but it’s a signal that we have to change Now. The climate problem has already been resolved with facts from science. All we have to do is to wake up and change. There is still limited time to act, let’s act now,” she said.

“We need a lot of hope but the action is more practical now because hope is everywhere. With all signs pointing that our future as children is threatened by the inaction of our leaders, the time is now.”

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