April 7, 2021

Teachers In Zimbabwe Divided Over New Examination Model

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Owen Kaura

Teachers in Zimbabwe are divided over implementation of a new examination model expected to be rolled out soon. Under the new model, students’ pass marks during the school term will be added to their final examination marks.

Government said the framework will assess pupils’ different abilities including knowledge, skills, abilities, values and other achievements in class.

Zimbabwe Democratic Teachers Union (ZDTU) President George Mushipe said teachers are not yet prepared for the roll out.

“As we speak right now we are off the rail, because Covid-19 has come in to disturb a number of progressive initiatives,” he said.

He added, “You can’t talk of continuous assessment when there are no learning materials, the revised curriculum textbooks are not available.”

However, Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) Chief Executive Officer Dr Sifiso Ndlovu welcomed the move saying it has been long overdue.

“Continuous Assessment is an alternative to what we have been doing and that is acceptable. This is what we have been advocating ever since the inquiry into the education system,“ said Ndlovu.

He added, “We saw that examinations were actually disadvantaging learners, because they do not take into account the aptitude they have acquired throughout their courses.”

Primary and Secondary Education Ministry Director of Communication and Advocacy Taungana Ndoro explained the motivation behind the new model.

“The decision was informed by the need to ensure that we have got skills that ensure that we are self-sustainable, rather than create employees, we create people who create employment,“ he said.

The first phase of the framework will focus on examination levels, that is, Grade Seven, Form Four and Form Six in 2021.

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