April 19, 2024

380 houses for Binga, Tsholotsho flood victims almost complete

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Leonard Ncube 

THE houses being constructed for 2017 and 2019 flood victims in Tsholotsho and Binga Districts in Matabeleland North Province are nearing completion and will be ready for occupation by mid-year.

The Government is building 80 houses in Binga’s Nsungwaale area following damage caused by floods in 2019 when one life was lost. In Tsholotsho, 300 houses are being built for victims of the 2017 floods where over 300 families were affected by Cyclone Idai induced-floods.

It has allocated alternative land to the victims paving way for the construction of the houses on a higher ground in Tshino and Sawudweni areas of Tsholotsho.

In Binga, Nsungwaale was hit by floods prompting the Government to give alternative plots to the affected families.

Tsholotsho and Binga are some of the flood prone areas in Matabeleland North especially along Gwayi River and flood plains in Binga.

Local Government and Public Works Deputy Minister, Benjamin Kabikira, recently visited the two areas to assess progress.

He said work was progressing well despite challenges associated with delays in disbursement of funds by Treasury.

“With regards to the houses being built by the Government through the Civil Protection Unit in Nsungwaale in Binga, we are waiting for the remaining 40 units, which are at final stages,” said Deputy Minister Kabikira.

“In Tsholotsho there are 300 houses and 294 had been completed by the time I went there and the remaining six are at various stages of completion.

“Five are at window level and the other one for the chief has specific designs in line with the local culture. The houses will be ready for occupation during the second quarter of 2024,” said Deputy Minister Kabikira.

The beneficiaries will be allocated enough land for farming and there will be no need to return to the flood prone areas.

There has been a challenge of some of the victims refusing to vacate flood prone areas or returning to their old homes.

“We are pretty happy that the project is about to be completed and considering the funding that was provided, we are hopeful construction will be completed as soon as possible,” said Deputy Minister Kabikira.

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