August 8, 2019

The Heroes of Madirirano

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Ralston Muchoko

THE country’s biggest outdoor ghetto party – Madirirano – is set to explode at Takashinga Cricket Club in Highfield on Sunday.

Event organizer and Bodyslam chief executive Simbarashe Chakare says the extravaganza is their own unique way of celebrating Zimbabwe’s living and foreign heroes.“Madirirano started in 2013 in Highfield as a social gathering where people met, bought beer and start shared the beer, pouring it for each other hence the name.

“But this special edition of Madirirano is attracting people from all over the country and it’s an event one can’t afford to miss. This year we have dubbed our theme `Usarare Madirirano Special Edition’ because it’s a massive affair” said Chakare.

Chart topping artistes such as Enzo Ishall, Killer T, Seh Calaz, Ti Gonzi, Allanah and Blot and are expected to take to the stage at Takashinga.

Enzo has been on fire for some time now, Killer T has just unleashed his Mukuru singles and Seh Calaz is fresh from an oversubscribed birthday party.

They may not say it publicly but each of the three artistes will be out to prove that they are the best in the Zimdancehall game.

For Blot this is another chance to show that he is still a force to reckon with.

“Gates open at 11 am and a rest of the ground ticket is just RTGS$10. People are allowed to bring their cooler boxes too, so it’s a guaranteed explosion.

“Security has been beefed up and we promise our patrons a safe outing,” added Chakare.

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