January 26, 2021

The Third Man

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The Third man is a cool place to field.

It can give you time to switch off that you can follow heated arguments or all sorts of conversations going outside in the crowd.

Such scenarios are the inspiration behind this new column. I am like the man fielding at the boundary appreciating what’s going on in and outside the field.

Welcome to my new column – The Third man- and here we talk cricket.

I bring you closer to your stars as well introduce you to some unsung cricket heroes across the world.

Some episodes will be Q and As, well because there is always someone with something to answer.

In other weeks I will open the floor to followers of this column and you will tell me who to interview and you will provide the questions. How is that?

On some days I will share my ‘Net Diaries’, these are my experiences and with local and international cricket people.

In case you don’t know me.

I am Zhawi, a left arm seamer.

I have 30 List A wickets from 17 matches and I am praying to earn a First Class cap.

I have already picked my best mate Kudzai Maunze to do the honours of presenting me with my cap.

I hope his speech is ready.

By the way I play for Eagles, I am back at my parent team after three seasons of being a desperate nomad.

And in those three seasons I suffered a serious groin injury which left in serious fear that I would never walk without pain.

But I am grateful for God’s love and more so, two finest physiotherapists Anesu Mupotaringa and Trevor Wambe (Most call him Vambe) I call him Dee.

They saved my career and to some extent my life because during my rehab I was dealing with a heartbreak- a none cricket heartbreak. That’s a story for another day, but the good thing my heart is still pumping.

Well, I am sort of friends with Justin Langer, we chat here and there because we both appreciate our busy schedules.
Mitchell Johnson has DMed me to my Instagram.
And Jason Gillespie has liked my tweet.
You can clearly see the Aussie influence in my cricket.

Speaking of Aussie, that is where my first Thirdman interview is going to come from.
So link up next week as we begin this innings together.
They will be plays and misses, lovely cover drives, in swingers and body blows.
it’s part of the game.

In case you missed it the MCC is planning to have a relook on the bouncer law. The rules could be adjusted again.

Zimbabwe women set to host Pakistan in February, the tour is however, yet to be approved by the government of Zimbabwe.

It’s stumps for now, we catch up next week as I bring you an interview from Down Under,

On Facebook I am Brighton Zhawi
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On twitter I am Brighton Zhawi

My email is [email protected]

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