May 5, 2021

Tocky Vibes, EXQ bury hatchet

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Mbonisi Nleya

Dancehall artiste Tocky Vibes has confirmed the dispute between him and fellow musician EXQ over royalties generated by the pair’s hit song Wakatemba on Youtube.

However, Tocky says the tiff, which has seen the song being taken down from the online site, is being settled.

Speaking to ZTN, Tocky said, “My camp and EXQ’s camp are currently having talks, so there is no need to be pointing fingers at one another. The matter will be resolved soon, as you know, words can destroy relationships and words can also build relationships. Hopefully the matter will be resolved soon”.

Informed sources revealed that after creating Wakatemba, Tocky Vibes and EX-Q agreed that they would collaborate on a Tocky vibes song but EXQ reneged on the agreement.

In retaliation Tocky has had the song pulled down from YouTube.

EXQ’s manager, Sam Mukondo refused to comment on the matter.

“We cannot disclose anything until we finalise the contract,’’ said Mukondo.

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