May 6, 2021

Tocky Vibes unfazed by fashion police

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Hanganani Nleya

The social media streets can be unforgiving but Tocky Vibes is not letting the stick he has been getting from that front break him. The dancehall chanter has been trending of late because of his rather unique sense of dressing.

Some commentators have suggested that Tocky is losing it both mentally and musically.

The musician remains unmoved, telling ZTN News that his style is aimed at making him unique.

“Some of the outfits that I wear are made specifically for me and they can’t be found anywhere else.They help tell the story that I want to share, the one we used to get from legends such as James Chimombe and others.

“These days, people are after labels such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton so I will be working on giving people a different feel instead of having all of us doing the same thing. I also like the traditional way of dressing,” he said.

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