Tout killer nabbed….

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Patience Nhamburo and Nelson Gwese

A 35-year-old Mbare man Munyaradzi Kambovi has appeared before the courts facing two counts of murder and attempted murder respectively.

The court heard that on the 15th of June at 05.30 am, a CAG bus which was going to Honde Valley passed through 4th Street Rank, Harare and upon arrival Malvern Chomusora a foreman with the company disembarked from the bus intending to pick some passengers. Four passengers disembarked from Bolt Cutter Bus and got into CAG Bus. A scuffle ensued involving loaders of the two bus companies. The CAG Bus immediately left but the brawl continued for a while.

The next morning, the CAG loaded passengers at Mbare Mutare Rank and passed through town intending to pick passengers at Robert Mugabe and Fifth bus terminus. When the bus was approaching fifth street along Robert Mugabe, there were some whistles.

Kambovi who was in a pickup which was following behind the bus disembarked just after the traffic lights towards Fifth street. Two Bolt Cutter buses blocked the CAG bus from loading and a brawl ensued, which Kambovi had joined. The CAG bus driver reversed and at that point there were marshals who were opening his door trying to drag him out of the bus. He however managed to negotiate his way out and drove off.

The brawl went on between Kambovi and the marshals. Upon realizing that he was being over powered, the accused produced a knife and stabbed the now deceased Patrick Muduwe on the chest resulting in his death, then went on to stab Jasper Maonoke in the stomach before fleeing from the scene.

On the 16th of June, detectives received information to the effect that Kambovi was in Mbare near Total Service Station, along Simon Mazorodze road in Harare. Acting on the information received, the detectives proceeded to Mbare and managed to apprehend the accused.

Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi remanded Kambovi in custody to the 3rd of July pending his trial date and advised him to apply for bail at the High Court.