June 16, 2021

‘Tout murder could have been revenge mission’

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Lloyd Ndemo

Police in Zimbabwe are pursuing the main suspect in the murder of a tout at the capital Harare’s busy Fourth Street Bus Terminus on Wednesday.

The suspect allegedly stabbed the tout as two rival bus crews fought for passengers.

Witnesses told ZTN that “turf wars” have been going on at the terminus for weeks, and “things were bound to boil over”.

A crew that controls a particular passenger pick-up point ensures their buses are loaded much quicker than competitors, with collaborating touts getting some payment.

The identities of the slain tout and the prime suspect are still unknown.

Investigators are now on the case.

A witness said, “The two bus companies’ crews have been fighting for some time. It seems one crew wanted to exact revenge over an earlier altercation, resulting in the murder.”

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said: “We are investigating the matter and the suspect is on the run.

“A suspected tout from ‘Bolt Cutter’ Bus Company was stabbed to death by a suspect from another gang from CAG Bus Company and died on spot.”

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