May 29, 2020

US dollar spotlight on Zim gold miners

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ZTN Reporter

Zimbabwe’s new gold regime, which will see miners getting 70 percent of their dues in united states dollars and the remainder in local currency at the ruling exchange rate, appears to have the sector economic buzzing again.

Miners say the move, announced by the country’s sole gold buyer fidelity printers and refiners on Tuesday, will restore some glitter back to the sector.

 But what does this all mean for the worker?

Will mine workers start getting part of their salaries in United States Dollars?

The president of the National Mine Workers Association of Zimbabwe Mr Ndodana Sithole reckons his constituency deserve such a gesture as they are key players in the country’s economic matrix.

“Mining is the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy and the workers are key players in all this and deserve to be remunerated well,” said Sithole.

“Yes there are some miners who are paying part of the salaries in United States dollars but as an association we want every worker getting a foreign currency component added to their salary.

“This is something we will be taking up with the employers in the coming weeks.”

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