January 28, 2021

Villagers resist evacuation as Zim’s largest dam spills

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Patience Nhamburo

Some villagers settled downstream of Zimbabwe’s largest inland water body, Tokwe-Mukosi Dam, are resisting evacuation and risk being swept away by floods.

The dam reached 100 percent capacity and started spilling on Saturday, discharging 20 megalitres of water per second.

Government is still negotiating with the villagers.

Department of Civil Protection Director Nathan Nkomo says some of the villagers are proposing to move in with their relatives who live on high ground.

“Those who are in the Tugwi Mukosi basin, the 210, have opted to stay with their relatives who are on higher ground basically for two reasons.

“They need to look after their livestock; they need to look after their crops in the fields.” Nkomo added: “So the push factor is their animals and crops.

They cannot leave them. So we said it’s fine, we were supposed to move 210, but they opted for a local solution.”

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