August 21, 2019

“Weather changes normal” – Zimbabwe’s Met Department

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Zimbabwe’s Meteorological Services Department, MSD has explained the cold temperatures being experienced in the southern African country saying the weather changes are being caused by a transition from winter to summer.

After a cold winter, residents in the capital Harare had hung up their coats and boots but they woke up on Wednesday to a chilly day with temperatures dropping by 4 degrees Celsius.  Harare recorded one of the lowest temperatures countrywide at 19 degrees celsius a drop from 23 degrees celsius.

Many people in the capital were clad in heavy clothes to beat the cold weather.  MSD Chief Forecaster, Courage Mbiriyawanda, explained the sudden change in the weather.

“Such weather changes occur when we change seasons, just like we are moving from winter getting into summer. Some areas in the southern parts of the country recorded windy and cloudy weather but others were warm.

“In some parts of the Midlands province there was drizzle in the early hours of Wednesday.”

Mbiriyawanda explained that the sudden change of weather was not anything to worry about as it would get back to normal within a day or two.

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