November 8, 2020

‘Who will I play with?’ Java mourns Ginimbi

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ZTN Correspondent

Zimbabwean church leader Passion Java says he is in pain and no longer has “someone to play with” following the death of businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

Java and Kadungure shared bitter rivalry, often exchanging barbs on social media platforms and challenging each other over their wealth.

However, in his condolence message, Java said the tiff “was just for show” and there was no bad blood between them.

In a video post on his official Facebook page, Java said the businessman was a “brother and hero”.

“Ndichatamba nani? Ndirikurwadziwa (Who will I play with? I’m in pain).

“Some of you may think that Genius and I were enemies but we were friends. We would create Internet content just to keep people entertained.”

Java said he communicated with Kadungure constantly.

“We would speak over the phone. I remember the day before my birthday the wisdom he shared with me and today I was shocked to wake up to such tragic news.”

Kadungure died in a car accident in Borrowdale, Harare on Sunday morning.

Three other people died in the head-on collision.

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