September 22, 2021

Zesa Switches Off Mbare Hostels

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ZTN Correspondent

Hundreds of residents in Harare’s Mbare suburb have been plunged into darkness after the country’s power utility Zesa switched them for non-payment of bills.

58 hostels in the suburb were switched off over a debt whose amount could not be immediately established.

In a statement on Tuesday, Harare City Council said, “Council is urging residents of the 58 Mbare hostels to organise themselves and pay off the arrears”.

Zesa Spokesperson Prisca Utete told ZTN that the affected residents have individual meters for their apartments.

“They are on a City of Harare bulk point. So when they pay rates and rentals to city of Harare, the city council is then meant to take that money and pay the Zesa bills,” she said.

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