July 2, 2019

‘Zifa & players to blame for Warriors dismal performance!’

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Warriors legend Ronald ‘Gidiza’ Sibanda has blamed the Zimbabwe Football Association and players for Zimbabwe’s elimination from the 2019 AFCON finals.

Sibanda, a midfield magician during his hey days, told ZTN News that to succeed at this level of the competition one needs to be adequately prepared. He said the problems that affected the team’s preparations at the competition should have been addressed before the start of the tournament.

The former Warriors star midfielder said the association erred by not addressing the financial demands of the team before the start of the finals.

He also took a swipe at the players for the mistakes which dominated the team’s campaign.

“In as much as the preparations were not up to scratch, I think the players did not exert themselves fully.

“If you look at the goals we conceded, some of them were elementary mistakes which are not expected at this level of the competition.

“Even some of the goals we failed to score we should have scored, so with better preparation I think we should have had a better tournament,” said Sibanda.

The Zimbabwe players are expected to be back home soon, following their exit from the finals.

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