July 15, 2019

Zim Gvt meets its disgruntled workers – again

From Sunday News
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Salary negotiations between the Zimbabwe Government and its disgruntled workers have resumed in Harare this morning.

The two parties are meeting under the National Joint Negotiating Forum.

Previous negotiations have failed to produce an agreement with the last meeting ending in another deadlock after the civil servants rejected a RTGS $97 cushioning allowance offer.

Government workers are pressing for the least paid worker to get RTGS $4,000 up from the present RTGS $600.

Apex Council president Cecilia Alexander expressed optimism of a breakthrough in today’s meeting.

“The meeting is going ahead as planned. For now, I cannot say much but we are optimistic of a positive outcome,’’ said Alexander.

Zimbabwe’s civil servants have been locked in negotiations with their employer for improved salaries and working conditions since last year.

They argue that their earnings are heavily being eroded by inflation.

Government has acknowledged their plight. 

More to follow ….

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