February 1, 2020

Zim leader speaks on unity of purpose

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ZTN Correspondent

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the country should explore “home-grown solutions” to spur development. 

He said this at the Zimbabwe Indigenous Inter-denominational Council of Churches National Day of Prayer launch in the capital, Harare, on Saturday.

The council comprises 110 indigenous churches chaired by Zion Christian Church leader Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi.

The launch marked the Zimbabwe leader’s first day at work after his annual vacation. 

President Mnangagwa said, “As we undertake these developmental processes, it is imperative that we rely on home-grown solutions. Yes, we may import new technologies and receive resources, which is good, but we must be creative and innovative on our own.”

He continued: “It is not acceptable to have other people shape and direct our destiny. The destiny of the people of Zimbabwe should be in the hands of the people of Zimbabwe. We must be masters of our own destiny.

“Yes, we may differ in the way we think, (on) choices as well as our origins, colour and beliefs, but we should not allow that to divide us.”

He implored the Church to help Government achieve its target of transforming Zimbabwe into an upper middle class economy.

Bishop Mutendi said the Church will also continue preaching unity.

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