January 8, 2020

Zim PSL loses its mojo

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THE Zimbabwe premier soccer league appears to have lost its mojo with players now preferring less fashionable leagues in neighbouring countries.

Players from countries such as Zambia and Malawi used to flock the Zimbabwean league for greener pastures but the tide has shifted.

Malawi national team players like Joseph Kamwendo were playing for CAPS United at a time he was a key member for his national team.

Several players from Zambia played for the Zimbabwean league but now the list of Zimbabwean players going to Zambia seems to be growing each passing transfer window.

Reigning soccer star of the year, Joel Ngodzo has left for Zambia and Donald Teguru and Evans Katema have also been lured by the Zambian Kwacha.

However, in terms of quality and exposure to better European leagues, the Zambian topflight is not any better than Zimbabwe.

But, it seems to be the deep purse of the Zambians that is luring Zimbabweans, for example, some clubs in Zambia are paying players as much as USD$10000 per month.

While in Zimbabwe the average salary for corporate clubs is RTGS$5000, for clubs like FC Platinum they are paying $5000 on average as well, but reports suggest that 40% of that will be in USD.

In terms of allowances FC Platinum is paying handsomely in Zimbabwe, and last year they were paying $400 as winning bonuses, but that figure was doubled towards the end of the campaign when they were chasing the title.

Looking at the figures, in terms of remuneration, Zambia is now far much better than Zimbabwe which might have contributed to the huge talent flight to that country.

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