December 16, 2019

Zim, SA launch Beitbridge crime crackdown

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ZTN reporter

Zimbabwe and South African Immigration authorities have launched a crackdown on criminal activities at Beitbridge border post.

A total of 1944 people were arrested for violating immigration laws, as the authorities try to bring sanity at SADC’s busiest port of entry.

The arrests were effected between 1 and 15 December and the charges include failure to get a passport stamped and travelling on stolen documents.

A further 28 immigrants from South Africa, Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC were denied entry into Zimbabwe for not having visas or funds enough

to sustain their stay in the country.

Others had no valid travel documents.

The Assistant Regional Immigration officer in charge for Beitbridge Nqobile Ncube revealed that since the beginning of this month they have been rounding up people attempting to smuggle children into South Africa.

“Our enforcement team at Beitbridge Border Post has helped clamp down on illicit movement of children resulting in interception of 179 minors whom we have sent to the Department of Social Services after being detected either being smuggled out of the country, undocumented or in the company of unauthorised persons,” said Ncube.

Many Zimbabwean children travel to South Africa during the festive season to join their parents working there but some of them do so without valid travelling documents.

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