July 26, 2019

“Zim walking the electoral reform talk”

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THE Zimbabwe International Election Observation Mission (ZIEOM) says the country has made progress towards implementing electoral reforms.

ZIEOM, which brings together the American International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI), adds that such progress merits further support and encouragement.

“We as a mission assessed that notable efforts are now underway to address the longstanding deficiencies in Zimbabwe’s electoral framework, which merit further support and encouragement,” said head of the joint commission, Ambassador Johnnie Carson at a press briefing in Harare on Friday.

Ambassador Carson, however, noted that public trust in the country’s electoral institutions is low due to the failure to address the political context within which elections are conducted and to open up democratic space.

“Reform must go beyond amending laws to changing behaviours and creating an environment whereby all citizens can equally participate in public life and elections.

“Zimbabweans can build on the nascent of the past 12 months and expand them to include genuine changes in behaviors and an improved political environment necessary for democratic space and credible elections,” he said.

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