September 9, 2020

Zimbabwe burns 22 elephant carcasses

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Munashe Mukahlera

Authorities in Zimbabwe say they have burnt all the 22 elephant carcasses that were discovered at Hwange National Park.

This was done to prevent disease from spreading to humans and livestock as the cause of deaths remains unknown.

The jumbos were found dead at the park two weeks ago.

“We discovered about 22 dead elephants in Pandamasue Forest, Woodlands Forest and Zambezi National Park. What we have done is, we have taken samples of those elephants to ascertain the cause of death. We then burnt the carcasses and buried them to avoid transfer of disease. We are still waiting for results from the lab,” said Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority spokesperson, Tinashe Farawo.

Mr Farawo however, said investigations into the deaths are continuing.

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