March 27, 2020

Zimbabwe Covid-19 cases rise to five

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ZTN Reporter

Coronavirus cases in Zimbabwe have risen to five.

On Monday, the southern African country recorded its first loss at the hands of the lethal virus.

 People are agonizing, who could be next?

No one knows. With reports that the country has inadequate equipment to either test, trace or monitor the disease, the majority no-longer have anywhere to run. On Thursday, Zimbabwe’s national microbiology reference laboratory only tested 65 people and two tested positive.

“The ministry would like to report that today (Thursday) the Microbiology Reference Laboratory tested 65 samples. Two tested positive for COVID-19. Among the 65 samples tested today, was the repeat test for the sample from the individual when we reported previously as having received an inconclusive result. Today, he tested negative for COVID-19,” read part of the sample.

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