October 1, 2019

Zimbabwe leader chides legislators

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has expressed disappointment over the slow pace at which bills are being passed in Zimbabwe’s parliament.

Opening the second session of the ninth parliament in Harare on Tuesday, President Mnangagwa urged legislators to speed up their work in the new term.

“… The slow pace in this august House, which has resulted in a low number of bills passing through Parliament cannot be allowed to continue.

“I challenge Honourable Members in their individual and collective capacities, to play their part in speeding up our parliamentary processes. Equally, reports of mismanagement of public finances as exposed by the Office of the Auditor General, and brought before this Parliament, must never be condoned.”

Regarding the new legislative agenda, he said, “The Second Session of the Ninth Parliament is expected to continue the alignment process by considering amendment to the High Court Act, Labour Court Act, Magistrates Court Act and the Police Act.”

Highlights for the second session include; amendment of the Insurance and Pension Act, Petroleum Act, and the Immigration Act.

Of interest to many will be the Medical Aid Societies’ Bill, which will pave way for the establishment of the Medical Aid Society Regulatory Authority.

“This Bill seeks to ensure that Medical Aid Societies operate within the law as health care insurers, rather than doubling up as health care providers,” said the President.


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