June 8, 2020

Zimbabwe planning two sets of public exams

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Taku Chihambakwe

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council, ZIMSEC is considering having two sets of examinations to allow candidates who live in rural areas ample time to prepare.

The first group, especially those in urban areas, could write examinations first while others sit for theirs later.

Zimbabwe’s first and second school terms were affected by the coronavirus induced lockdown. The first schooling term was cut short towards the end while the second term is yet to resume.

Zimbabwe currently has 282 confirmed COVID-19 cases including 4 deaths.

The move follows a suggestion by Chiredzi South Member of Parliament Calisto Gwanetsa who argued that rural students were the most affected.

“I am from the Limpopo valley where reception is poor and students did not complete a school term. Why can’t we have two sets of examinations if it is not a misnomer where we are saying at an appropriate time we give examinations to those who have been disadvantaged?”

ZIMSEC Director Dr Lazarus Nemaware said two sets of examinations are possible as long as resources permit.

“Yes, that could be possible, but it will need a lot of strategic planning. We will consider the points being made and look at the logistics involved.”

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