May 19, 2021

Zimbabwe Police in Crime Awareness, Domestic Violence Campaign

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ZTN Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Republic Police, Harare province, through its women network, is carrying out outreaches and crime awareness campaigns throughout the province, as part of commemorations to mark culture week.

“As Harare province we are urging the public in all residential camps and other settlements to embrace peace in the homes. We say no to domestic violence on men, women and children, no to rape, child neglect and molestation and all forms of abuse,” Harare Provincial Spokesperson, Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi, said in a statement.

“We urge parents to escort children to and from school and to quickly report cases of domestic violence and rape to the police so that perpertrators can be arrested, victims can be afforded free medical attention to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections and HIV and AIDS,” he added.

Inspector Chazovachiyi said in Harare province women are raped and robbed after they board “Mushikashika” pirate taxis. He said police are encouraging people to use Zupco affiliated transport which is safe, to travel to their destinations. He said most of the victims are abused by touts.

As part of the campaign Inspector Chazovachiyi said they are also telling women to have more time with their children and to be open with them so that they can feel free to tell them of anything potentially harmful that they may face in their absence.

“Mothers, enjoy bathing or dressing up your children especially the girl child, so that you might quickly notice any undesired developments that might be exhibited by the girl child and try to link that to any form of abuse,” he said.

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