April 9, 2020

Zimbabwe rangers kill poacher in shoot-out

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Thupeyo Muleya

A suspected poacher was killed during a shootout with Zimbabwe game rangers at Bubye Valley Conservancy some 60km west of Beitbridge town on Wednesday, while his accomplice escaped with a rifle. The two men allegedly killed a male lion before rangers caught up with them.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said further investigations into the matter are underway.

“Preliminary investigations are that the now deceased and his accomplice went to Bubye Valley Conservancy armed with a rifle to illegally hunt some animals,” he said.

 “The two then came across a young male lion which they shot and killed, prompting the game rangers who were on patrol in the area to respond after hearing the gunshots.

 “The rangers then tracked the spoor and caught up with the suspected poachers whom they found in the process of killing a black rhinoceros and ordered the two men to surrender.

 “However, the duo opened fire resulting in a shoot-out with the game rangers and one of the poachers was shot and killed”.

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