September 16, 2021

Zimbabwe’s cost of living up 16 percent

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Munashe Mukahlera

A low-income earning urban family of six in Zimbabwe now needs about ZWL$48 000 to sustain their basic needs per month. 

According to the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe the country’s cost of living for the month of August went up by 16.7 percent from ZWL$41 406 in July.  

Meanwhile, the food basket increased by $875.40 or 5.36% from $16 327.14 by end of July 2021 to $17 202.54 by end of August 2021.The price of detergents increased by $197.16 or 17.44% from $1130.68 to $1327.84. 

The consumer watchdog attributed the increase, particularly on basic food items, to inflation, influence of the exchange rate, speculation by consumers and in exceptional cases, the parallel market. 

 In its latest report the CCZ noted that the further relaxation of the lockdown regulations has resulted in increased movement of consumers, increased activities of the market place and change of consumer behaviour patterns. 

“The market is slowly adjusting to the displaying of prices in both USD and RTGS as provided for by the Statutory Instrument185. CCZ observed that most of the big supermarkets are complying with the Statutory Instrument 185. Therefore, we encourage consumers when they are buying in USD to be knowledgeable of the prevailing weekly auction exchange rate to avoid being over charged,” CCZ Spokesperson, Rose Chikarakara, told ZTN News.

“The CCZ continues to encourage consumers to shop conscientiously and to always buy certified products. Where the products are not certified, consumers exercise their right to information by carefully examining if the products they are purchasing are well labelled, packaged and provided with vital information which includes manufacturing expiry dates and ingredients used in the make-up of the products,” she said.

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