July 12, 2020

Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 death toll surges

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ZTN Correspondent

Zimbabwe on Saturday recorded five Covid-19 cases post-mortem as its death toll from the disease reached 18.

And 13 health workers were among 40 Zimbabweans confirmed Covid-19 positive in the latest round of tests.

The five deaths occurred in Bulawayo and Harare, and the disease was “detected during routine post-mortem (examination)”, the Health and Child Care Ministry reported.

The ministry said the Southern African nation has 982 Covid-19 cases cumulatively, with 320 patients having recovered.

Zimbabwe recorded its first Covid-19 case in March 2020.

Authorities, like much of the globe, subsequently introduced a lockdown to curtail the spread of the disease.  

A good number of cases has been detected among returnees while local transmission has remained minimal.

On Friday, the country’s leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, said he would review the lockdown.

“The recent rapid spike of infections requires that we make another review of the Covid-19 lockdown measures soon.

“. . .Although there is a visible spike in the number of positive cases largely due to returnees, we shall continue to strengthen our preventive measures as well as our testing and contact-tracing capacity.”

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