July 9, 2021

Zimbabwe’s Covid-19 vaccine roll out plan outlined

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ZTN Correspondent

Zimbabwe has allocated 50 000 first doses of the two million SinoVac Covid-19 vaccines received on Thursday to seven provinces across the country.

Harare and Bulawayo metropolitan provinces have been allocated 100 000 first doses each, while Mashonaland West province was allocated 90 000 doses.

Mashonaland West province has been a hotspot of infections in the third wave, with authorities attributing this to the province’s proximity to Zambia where there is an exponential rise in cases.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care outlined its roll out plan on Friday evening as it seeks to achieve an equitable distribution of vaccines.

“Each Province has been allocated 50K 1st doses. Except Harare and Bulawayo Metropolitan Provinces will receive 100K 1st doses. Mashonaland West Provinces will receive 90K 1st doses,” the ministry said in a statement.

In the roll out plan, border towns, cities and Covid-19 hotspots are some of the areas that have been prioritised for Covid-19 vaccine roll out.

People’s markets such as Mbare Musika, Renkini and Sakubva, Tobacco Auction Floors, GMB depots, Cotton depots higher and tertiary learning institutions and other known Covid-19 hotspots.

Zimbabwe on Thursday received 2 million COVID-19 SinoVac vaccines, the biggest consignment received so far.

Another 1.5 million doses are expected on Thursday next week with a further two million to be delivered at the end of July.

The country targets to achieve herd immunity by the end of the year with a daily target of 100 000 inoculations.

To date, a total 848 808 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19, with demand for vaccination having increase in the past few weeks.

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