May 12, 2021

Zimbabwe’s Golden Leaf Fetches US$199 Million

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Owen Kaura

As tobacco marketing progresses, sales during the 2021 marketing season have risen significantly compared to the previous season.

To date a total of 75 465 796 kgs have been sold at an average price of US$2.64/kg up from US$2.26/kg last year.

The amount of tobacco sold represents a 43.89% increase from the previous season. The average selling price represents a 16.72% increase from the 2020 price.

Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) Public Relations Officer Chelesani Moyo said:

“As of day 23 the highest price which has been paid for the best quality tobacco has been US$6.70/kg.”

She reminded growers to destroy their stalks before the deadline.

“We wish to advise tobacco growers on the deadline for the destruction of tobacco stalks which is 15 May 2021. May all tobacco growers be guided accordingly as the day draws closer.”

To date 32 317 bales have been rejected at the auction floors, an increase of 32.9% from last year when 24 317 bales were rejected.

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