March 19, 2020

Zimbabwe’s PSC bio-metric registration still on

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Anashe Murombedzi

Zimbabwe’s civil servants who did not heed the Public Service Commission’s biometric registration deadline have been given a respite. The exercise has now been extended to March 31.

PSC secretary, ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said public servants’ biometric attributes could have been dropped during the registration process.

“The technology might have dropped their biometric attributes, we thought that was reason enough to extend to the 31st of March “, he said.

The PSC has also contacted various department ministries to identify members of the civil service whose attributes were not captured.

”We are alerting the heads of ministries to identify particular individuals in the ministries whose attributes may not be captured.

“We expect that the information that is coming from the ministries before 31 March will be sufficient”.

Civil servants were initially supposed to have registered by February 28 and on that day, 6 700 workers had not complied. The biometric registration is being implemented with the assistance of the World Bank.

The exercise was meant to weed out ghost workers and modernize the management of the civil service.

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