December 16, 2020

Zimsec blunder, candidates miss examination?

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Takudzwa Chihambakwe

Some Ordinary Level students in Zimbabwe are alleged to have missed one of their examinations on Tuesday after a mix up on one of the examination time tables.

According to the master time-table, the Agriculture Paper One multiple choice was scheduled for Tuesday, but the candidates’ statements of entry indicated the paper was set for January 15 2020.

In the end, some schools had to call candidates who stay close to come for the examinations. As a result, the majority of candidates missed the examination.

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council, Zimsec has admitted that there was an error. However, a director at Zimsec, Dr Lazarus Nembaware said no students missed the examination.

“The standard operating procedure is that if there is a conflict between what appears on the statement of entry, candidates should follow the
timetable,” said Dr Nembaware.

“Candidates who wrote Agriculture started to go to their centres from the first of December so they were able to see the timetable at their centres.

“So I will be very much surprised where a candidate says that they failed to write because I was reading my statement of entry and not the timetable,” he shared.

There was another mix up on maps used in the Geography examination,
but Zimsec maintains the problem was timeously rectified.

“Schools that discovered that there were no maps for the Geography examination earlier communicated and they were supplied.

“For those who realized it on the day of the examination, they did one of the following; they allowed the examination to continue while the maps were being given to them by our Zimsec regional managers or they quarantined the students if the time was over, waiting for the maps to come. My report from all regions shows that every candidate who registered for the examination wrote it,” Dr Nembaware said.

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