August 6, 2021

ZOC Engages SA High Performance Centres

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Chidochashe Manuwa

THE ZIMBABWE Olympic Committee is engaging its South African counterparts for local athletes to train at their facilities.

Chef de Mission (CDM) at Tokyo 2020, Frederick Ndlovu confirmed this, saying it is one of the initiatives being taken to improve Zimbabwean athletes’ standards.

“ZOC President and the CEO are busy making engagements with the superpowers at sport in efforts to create partnerships for our athletes to be accommodated at HPCs,” said Ndlovu.

Ndlovu, who is also the ZOC vice-president, was part of the Team Zimbabwe delegation that arrived back in the country on Thursday.

On the same flight was sprinter Ngoni Makusha and his coach David Tinago.

Makusha came short in the 100-meter race as he failed to even better his best record.

“We need to ensure that we find High Performance Centres for our athletes and give them all the resources they require,” said Ndlovu.

Makusha along with the rest of the athletes, Ndlovu said, will improve on their performance with such exposure.

“We are working towards the Olympics in Paris and hopefully by then I would have broken a lot of records,” said Makusha.

Coach Tinago said his and Makusha’s goal “is to take this one step at a time and Tokyo 2020 was merely motivation and a foundation for what’s to come”.

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