August 24, 2022

ZUNZA: Andy Muridzo seeks to ‘shake off’ controversy

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MUSICIAN Andy Muridzo says he wants to ‘shake off’ the controversy that has haunted his career and start on a new path.

Muridzo was the guest artiste on #ZTNPrime’s #MorningRush on Tuesday where he spoke about his forthcoming album and his career.

The new album, titled Zunza, is set to be released this Friday at Bar Rouge in the Longcheng Plaza, Harare.

“I have been through a lot in my career and everything that happened way back, I need to brush it off.

“And, the way to brush it off is to come up with an album that suits everybody and people will shift their attention from what they will be saying to what they should be saying.

“So Zunza is a theme that describes this, shake it off,” Muridzo.

Muridzo believes people have been saying bad things about him and he wants to change that narrative.

“People have been talking about Andy in good and bad ways, but I think 90 percent of people were saying bad things about Andy.

“But I want to show them that besides everything you have been saying about Andy, there is that Andy that you get to like and love and maybe emotionally attached to,” he said.

He added:

“I just gathered that everything that has been happening since I have been in the music industry.

“This album comforts me because it tells my story”

Muridzo also revisited his time at Military Touch Movement, a group that was also composed of Jah Prayzah, Ex Q, Nutty O, Tahle and DJ Tamuka.

There is a section of fans that believed the Jeetaz Band leader made a wrong move but he does not regret it.

“Besides Military Touch Movement, everything that has happened in my life, I think it’s a learning process and Military Touch (Movement) was part of the learning process.

“I don’t regret anything because everything that happens has a reason.”

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